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How to Download AOL Online Mail to Your Hard Drive?

by Admin

AOL is highly reliable service and product provider domain that saves incoming and outgoing email in the filling cabinet. The filling cabinet can be backup on the computer system hard drive or storage component. Moreover, this back-up copy can be restored in the event of a computer malfunction or purchase of new computer. In order to back up mail in AOL onto a hard drive or other storage you need to follow these steps. These steps are especially designed by our highly talented technicians to provide information about as how to back up mail in AOL. If you will stuck somewhere while following these steps then you can also contact AOL support Australia to get this or any other technical assistant on call through our reliable technical experts.

AOL email backup

Following are the steps:

  • Step 1- At the first step, you have to sign on to AOL.
  • Step 2- Thereafter, you have to click on the “Mail” or “Email” on the AOL tool bar. And then click on the “Filling cabinet”.
  • Step 3- Later on, you need to right click on the folder to backed up them and then need to select the Save folder with the desired name.
  • Step 4- Afterword, you have to type a new folder name in the file name file don the save folder screen. Thereafter, navigate to the location where the back-up folder will reside, now remember or write down the location of the black up folder then click on the save button .
  • Step 5- In this step, you have to repeat these steps for other folder in the filling cabinet.
  • Step 6- At the last step, close the filling cabinet window by clicking on the red X from the upper right corner of the computer screen

After following these steps, you will surely be able to Back Up Mail in AOL in an effective manner, still if in case you will not able to get the given points then call us on Aol helpline number Australia +61-283173503.

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