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What To Do If I Am Unable To Send Emails Through My AOL Account?

by Admin

Due to numerous technical reasons sometimes you would not able to send emails through your AOL account. In such case, initially, you need to check which version of Microsoft window operating system and internet explorer browser installed on your computer. For that you have to open your internet browser, tab the help menu option and then click on the“About internet explorer”. Then click on the Version in this way you can find your internet explorer version. Further we have provided you few instructions to get rid of this issue. If you will unable to understand the language of these steps or anyhow unable to follow these steps properly then you just give us call on our AOL customer support Number +61-283173503. Throughthis number you can directly interact with our technical experts.

AOL email sending error

Following are the steps:

  • Step 1- At the first step, you have to clear all the cookies, caches, history and footprint from your search history. As cookies might consumed lot of space on your computer that result you not become able to store more data.
  • Step 2- Thereafter, you need to disable the pop-up blocking software. You can also add to the “White list” of company accepted by your pop-ups blocker software. But if you unable to do both the task such as neither disabling pop-up blocking software of adding then you need to consult the vendor of your pop-up blocking software..
  • Step 3- now, restart your computer as it help to clear the internet memory that caused you can get rid of this issue.
  • Step 4- you can also open your AOL account on the different browser as sometimes the problem might be on your browser that you are using.
  • Step 5- Try to enable or disable the firewall by using McAfee internet security suite-special edition from AOL.

These steps are very easy steps to understand but still if in case you will not able to get the points immediately call us on Aol customer Support number +61-283173503.

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